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Kesedar Chalil Residents In Gua Musang Cut Off By Flood Waters

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GUA MUSANG: Continuous rain since early this morning caused about 2,000 residents of South Kelantan Development Authority’s (Kesedar) Land Development Plan (RKT) settlement in Chalil here to be cut off when two bridges across Sungai Chalil were flooded.

The two bridges which connect Kesedar Chalil with other areas including Gua Musang were under 0.8 metre of water as at 3 pm.

Kesedar Chalil settlement head, Mat Lazim Yaacob said many settlers who went to Gua Musang and other places could not return to their homes due to the flood.

He said the bridges were frequently flooded each time there was a heavy rain even not during the monsoon season which caused residents to be worried about going out of the village.

“With the continuous rain, the river water may rise further and it takes a long time to subside,” he told reporters here today.

Mat Lazim said villagers who lived in low-lying areas at the settlement were ready to be evacuated to relief centres if the rain continued.

MEANWHILE in KUALA KRAI, 36 people from 11 families from Kampung Guchil 7 here were evacuated to the flood evacuation centre at the Kuala Krai Veterinary Services office tonight.

Kuala Krai Fire and Rescue station head, Assistant Superintendent Mohamad Hanif Che Khalid said the victims comprising 23 adults and 13 children had started moving out as at 7 pm tonight.

“The village located in a low-lying area is frequently flooded by overflowing water from Sungai Durian during continuous heavy rain,” he said when contacted tonight.

He said several other low-lying areas were also inundated following the heavy rain since yesterday but none of the residents were evacuated and all roads in Kuala Krai district were still passable.

Meanwhile, the water levels at the main rivers in the state were still below the alert level except Sungai Lebir in Tualang which was at its warning level of 31.25 metres (Danger level is at 35.00 metres).



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