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Kelantan State Assembly Passes Hudud Bill

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KOTA BARU: The Syariah Criminal Code Enactment (II) (1993) Amendment 2015, or Hudud, was unanimously passed at the state assembly in Kelantan.

All 44 assemblymen, including 12 from Barisan Nasional and one from PKR voted for the amended hudud to be passed shortly after noon.

Landmark amendments tabled in the Kelantan state assembly make it clear non-Muslims cannot be tried under hudud.

Under the amendments yesterday states hudud is only applicable on Muslims of age who commit offences in Kelantan. The clause on the option for non-Muslims to be tried under syariah or civil laws is repealed.

The Hudud bill also provides for takzir or corporal punishment on sodomy between husband and wife.

Pregnancies and births by unmarried women as proof of zina to be dropped.-NST

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