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Justin Bieber Let Fame Get To His Head

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JUSTIN Bieber has admitted his career was thrown into jeopardy last year because he let fame get to his head.

The ‘What Do You Mean?’ hit-maker, 21, who has had a number of run-ins with the law over the past two years, believes he fell off the bandwagon and landed in hot water because people kept telling him he was “amazing.”

“I had a bunch of blind spots. I just didn’t see them. I had a lot of people telling me I was awesome all the time, and you start believing it after a while. You can’t really blame me,” he said.

“I’m a kid and if you start telling a kid you’re amazing and you’re this and that all the time. It just went to my head,” he added.

However, the handsome pop star, who walked away with five MTV EMAs believes he’s finally sorted himself out with the help of his friends and family.

“I think now, just having the friends that I have, and having the community that I have to support me and encourage me, it’s just been a cool ride,” he shared.

Justin has been throwing himself into his music so much so that he’s physically “exhausted” himself.

“I’m exhausted. I’ve been working hard, but it’s what we have to do. My spirit is not tired,” he said.

“I am physically, but my spirit isn’t tired. You just have to know how to handle this industry. There’s no template for you to really figure it out, so you just have to make mistakes and find out who you are. It’s hard in this industry.” – Bernama


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