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Julia Roberts Reveals Why She Joined Taylor Swift On Stage

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TAYLOR Swift has been joined by pretty much everyone during her current tour but perhaps most surprisingly by Julia Roberts.

We don’t know why but we just weren’t expecting the actress to appear on stage strutting her stuff like that.

And it seems Julia didn’t know she was going to be either – otherwise she would have worn something different!

When asked if it was planned the stunning 47-year-old gasped: “No! Oh my God, I would have washed my hair if it had been planned. I was wearing a ponytail, leggings, and tennis shoes.”

She went on to say the last minute surprise only came about because she had taken her children – who are big fans – to watch the show.

“They had never been to a concert before and they were big fans,” Julia told Extra.

“She (Swift) said, ‘Would you mind coming on stage during the song and dancing?’”

Julia – mum to Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry – said she asked her kids if she should do it.

Imitating their reaction she said: “ ‘Oh, Mom you have to do it!’

“My youngest son said, ‘Only do it if you want to, Mommy.’ It was so sweet!”

Luckily she did decide to do it and it was an experience she won’t forget in a while.

“It was one of those crazy, out-of-body moments. I can’t tell you anything that happened from the moment I came on stage. I was so nervous,” she said.

Julia Roberts, nervous? Wow Taylor has quite some skills. She tweeted after the show: “Tonight Joan Baez and Julia Roberts danced it out to ‘Style’. These two women are my heroes. What an honor.” – Daily Mirror


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