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Julia Perez Goes On With IVF, Currently Selecting Potential Donors

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INDONESIA’S dangdut superstar Julia Perez or Jupe has done it again.This time,she’s in a rat race with her biological clock.

Known to tear down the walls of cultural norms, the glamour model and soft porn actress made waves when she decided to defy the Islamic laws of the Republic by undergoing an in-vitro fertilization (IVF), which is gravely non-permissible by the rules of the religion.

Despite protests, the 34-year-old divorcee went on the procedure anyway and is currently picking and choosing ‘the best sperm’ to be implanted inside her womb.

Speaking to an Indonesian tabloid, Jupe said that this was a crucial step and she had to be very strict on her choice of donor.

“I wouldn’t want to pick a sperm silly-nilly; I want my future baby to be healthy and intelligent.”

Ironically, the scandalous actress was also very specific on the donor, stating that she didn’t want a sperm from a male who spends his time clubbing or getting drunk in bars.

The artificial insemination will be done in an undisclosed facility, in either Singapore or Penang.MYNEWSHUB


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