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Johoreans’ Unity A Source Of Pride – Sultan Ibrahim

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JOHOR BAHRU – Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar said the unity and multi-racial harmony in the state was something that Johoreans should be proud of.

“Since I revived the Bangsa Johor spirit espoused by Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim in the 1920s, I can feel that the solidarity of the people in Johor is gaining in strength,” he said at a high-tea event with leaders of the Chinese community in the state here today.

He said Johoreans were beginning to feel proud that they were proetcted under one umbrella irrespective of race, ancestry or background.

“This is the spirit of being united which we must reinforce. There might be politicians outside Johor who are jealous of the Bangsa Johor concept and that it would lead to disunity (among Malaysians).

“Does not coming together of various races as one race (Bangsa Johor) produce unity? Does not political quarrels based on personal agendas bring about disunity? Let’s not pay heed to the words of an old man who appears to be going out his mind,” he said.

Sultan Ibrahim said Johoreans must display the ‘Bangsa Johor’ values and culture of being polite, helpful and respecting each other.

“Don’t allow the differences in political ideology break us up,” he said.

The Sultan also lambasted political leaders who had their own agenda to seize power.

“They often raise sensitive issues that can jeopardise the wellbeing of the people. They are fighting not for public interest but more for personal interest,” he said.

The sultan said this group of people would use whatever means to achieve their goals, including creating chaos. – BERNAMA

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