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John Legend Blames Wife For Weight Gain

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JOHN Legend claims Chrissy Teigen makes him gain weight because she is currently developing her first cookbook.

The ‘All of Me’ hitmaker says he puts on five pounds every time he goes home because his model wife, 29, is currently in the process of developing her first cookbook.

“When she’s working on it and I’m home I gain five pounds guaranteed. So, I’m like, sometimes I need to travel so I can lose weight!” said the 36 year old singer.

“It’s kind of like when people do those artichoke dips but it’s got buffalo chicken and cheese and all these other things in it, too. It’s really, really delicious. Chrissy is obviously a great cook,” he added.

The couple, who got married in Italy in 2013, enjoy hosting lavish dinner parties for their friends, but John believes having the right music is just as important as the food.

“We pride ourselves on having good get-together. Music is key. I always do our playlist and try to get a good mix of hip-hop and I’ll do some classic up-tempo soul music and throw in a little bit of rock.

“But one of the big keys is having the right people there. Hopefully you can invite a good group of interesting, diverse people that are kind and cool and know how to engage with new people. If you have all those things together you’ve got a good party,” he explained.



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