Johan Nawawi’s Son To Continue Father’s Legacy Via Islamic Animation

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KUALA LUMPUR – The initiative taken by the late Johan Nawawi in producing Islamic animated cartoon will be continued by his eldest son, Mohd Syakir Iman.

Fondly known as Iman, Mohd Syakir Iman, 24, told Bernama that he would fulfill his father’s wish for the project to be continued.

He said Johan, the owner of Hud Hud Media Sdn Bhd, started the project in 2011.

Yesterday, the company held its ‘Showcase Tribute to Allahyarham Johan Nawawi’ at the Malaysian International Islamic Lifestyle Exhibition (MILE) 2017 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Johan died at a medical centre in Subang Jaya near here about 6.30am on March 24. He was 52.

Relating the experience working with Johan, Iman said: “I had the chance working with ‘papa’ since August last year and he shared many stories of his life experiences, including in business”.

He said Johan had hinted to him that he would not live long and for him (Iman) to learn as much as he could so that he could take over the business.

“As the oldest in the family, he said I would also have to take over as the head of the family,” he added.

Iman, who was met at the event, said his father had laid out the ‘master plan’ for the animation company so that he could take over.

“Although I accepted his departure, the sadness is still there each time I set foot in the office,” he said.

Iman’s younger brother, Muhd Syakir Alif, 18, belted out two songs, entitled ‘Insan’ and ‘Insan Yang Mulia’ which were composed by their father, at the event.

Johan had also composed spiritual songs, like “Erti Al-Fatihah”, inspired by the first chapter of the Al-Quran. The singer is his daughter, Putri Nur Dahlia, 13.

The song has been included in the animated cartoon series ‘Ummi – Ceritalah Pada Kami!’, a production by Hud-Hud Media Sdn Bhd.

Johan left a wife, singer Nora Ariffin, 44, and four children, comprising Iman, Muhd Syakir Alif, Putri Nur Dahlia and Putri Nur Fatehah, four.

According to Iman, today (Sunday, April 9) is his parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.

“My siblings and I will be at home to be with our mother who is still observing the ‘iddah’ (mourning period),” he added. – BERNAMA