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The Good Student: Joe Flizzow Credits Former BM Teacher Over AJL Win

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Teachers have always played a large part in our intellectual development. Not only our parents entrusted us kiddie-winkies to them for eight-painful-hours daily, teachers act as nurturers that are often the first ones who recognize our potential.

So it’s no surprise when rappers Joe Flizzow and SonaOne won Song Of The Year award for their hit song “Apa Khabar” in last Sunday’s Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL), one of his biggest fans appeared to share the happiness: Joe’s old Bahasa Malaysia (BM) teacher.

Known only as Ami Masra on Facebook, the proud instructor wrote:

“Congratulations “Apa Khabar” for sweeping the awards. Congratulations, Joe Flizzow and SonaOne for bringing home the RM50,000 prize. Actually, Joe Flizzow was an ex-student of mine in Sek.Men. Kebangsaan Subang Utama, Subang Jaya. His talent had always been apparent, and during my time as his class teacher throughout his years in Form 3 to 5, I could see his potential.

“I said,’Joe,someday you’ll be a famous singer because you always carry your guitar around’. The whole class just went into stitches after that. And look, where he is now.Maybe God have answered my prayers.”

“I have no qualms if my students’ chose  a career path in music. We used my BM class to recite poetries and immersed ourselves in Malay literature. Today, he is the proud owner of a successful barbershop and restaurant.

“Congratulations, from a teacher to a pupil who understood the true purpose in life, and did it through song and poetry.”


The post instantly turned viral, even managed to caught the attention of Joe himself, in which he expressed his gratitude to his former sensei:

“Got this from an ex-classmate in SMSU. Thank you Cikgu Aminnudin for showing me ‘the ropes’ back in my schooling days. Thank you for exposing us to the beauty of Malay poetry and balladry in BM class.

“Now it’s my turn to share poetry to the world. Your guidance is highly appreciated. #ApaKhabarCikgu,” said Joe on his Instagram page.

Aww, ain’t that sweet: make us wanna go do a shoutout to our favourite teachers,too.MYNEWSHUB


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