‘Jihad’ Is Not Only About Taking Up Arms – Mufti

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ALOR SETAR – “Jihad” is not only about taking up arms as done by some Malaysians who joined the IS militant group in Syria.

The Mufti of Kedah, Datuk Syeikh Muhamad Baderudin Ahmad said the meaning of ‘jihad’ in Islam is broad and covers many aspects of life, including morals.

“Muslims (in Malaysia) must study Islamic teachings from recognised sources and not just rely on You Tube or Facebook.

“Jihad taken in the wrong context can be bad. As such, ‘jihad’ must be done according to Islamic teachings,” he told Bernama when met at a conference of imam, religious teachers and Kedah Mosque Committees, here recently.

A total of 61 Malaysians including 10 women are believed to be in Syria while 71 others have been arrested for joining IS.

Police recently revealed that some of the Malaysians who joined the IS in Syria hailed from Kedah.

Meanwhile, State Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Rawi Abdul Hamid said the Kedah government, the federal government and pondok schools will continue to explain the true meaning of ‘jihad’ in Islam.

“This is important as the young only know the meaning of jihad through social sites such as You Tube.

“We must not stop to explain the true meaning of jihad,” he said, while urging the Home Ministry and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to block sites that lure Malaysians to join the war in Syria.

Mohd Rawi said no Islamic religious schools in Kedah were involved in the spread of extremist ideology or militancy.

Allegations that Islamic religious schools in Kedah had spread extremist ideology were made to thwart efforts to spread Islam and to pressure Malaysia from the political and economic stand point, he added. – BERNAMA