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Jennifer Lopez Still Loves And Supports Diddy

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JENNIFER Lopez has “nothing but love and respect” for Diddy.

The ‘Booty’ hitmaker, who split from the rapper in 2001 after two years of dating, says they are still very close and she is glad to have his support after he hailed her bum a “work of art.”

Asked about the compliment, the 45-year-old beauty told E! News: “It’s awesome! Here’s the thing about me and Puff, and I’m sorry I’ll always call him Puff, we always root for each other, we always support each other.

It’s great after all these years to know and watch him do all that he’s done.”

She added: “To see him do all that he’s done makes me proud and to know that he’s still in the game so strong and to know that he supports me and is proud of me is a beautiful thing.”

The ‘On The Floor’ hitmaker has no regrets about her time with the 44-year-old rapper.

She said: “We shared a moment in our lives and that never goes away. There’s nothing but love and respect and always somebody over here cheering for you.”

Jennifer’s comments came just one day after Diddy insisted he is “lucky” to count her amongst his exes.

Speaking about her incredible physique, he said: “Oh my God. I’m so lucky to have that great woman in my history, she is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen.

“I mean, it’s great. It’s a work of art. It’s something that will go down in history, for real it will.

But also her talent, her drive, her determination, she will never give up.

She’s a great friend of mine, always will be my friend, and I mean that thing is just incredible, man.” – Bernama/NewsWires

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