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Jennifer Lopez Has ‘Pattern Of Going Back To Past Romances’

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BENNIFER were global news, and celebrity divorce expert Rob Shuter has claimed that Jennifer Lopez will be “fascinating to watch” amid the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner split.

Schuter, who is now a host on VH1’s The Gossip Table, handled the Booty star’s publicity after her split from Ben before he moved on with Jennifer Garner.

He suggests that he wouldn’t be all that surprised if JLo got in touch with Ben to console him after his recent marriage break up.

Ion an interview with, he could see why fans would be excited to see if they rekindle their romance.

“Jennifer, historically, has had a pattern of going back to past romances. She dated Marc, she broke up with him, she fell head over heels with Ben Affleck, and then when they broke up, she ran back to the arms of Marc, and within months they’re married,” he explained.

“Would it surprise me if they talk to each other? They’ve got each other’s emails and phone numbers. Would it surprise me if someone reached out, in the same way that regular people do? I’d send a text or an email saying, ‘Gosh, I read in the newspaper, I’m pretty sorry.’”

The VH1 host also added: “I think Jennifer will be fascinating to watch, because clearly she’s still with Casper Smart.”

Speaking about how the world will react if the Jenny From The Block star ever got back together with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor.

He said: “If there was a photograph of Jen and Ben together, that just happened to hit the same weekend that his movie came out? I think the paparazzi would explode.

“They were a gorgeous couple who played into the attention. They gave us a lot of access to photograph them.” – Mirror

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