Jennifer Jason Leigh Nearly Quit Acting

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THE ‘Hateful Eight’ star Jennifer Jason Leigh admits she was tempted to ditch her career as an actress but changed her mind after being nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA in one awards season.

“I had a very lucky, great run but then this year happened and everything changed. It reminded me I really love acting. I love it! It’s so gratifying. It brought that back to me, and it was something that I had forgotten about,” she told PEOPLE magazine.

Meanwhile, the 54 year old actress previously revealed her son asked her to “cancel” attending one of the ceremonies earlier this year as he wanted her to stay with him at home.

“I was looking at all these texts. My son actually said, ‘Why do you have so many texts?’ I said, ‘Oh, I got a nomination for an award. It’s called a Golden Globe. It’s this really nice night and it’s an honour’ and he said, ‘Can you cancel it?’. I’ve been doing a lot of press lately and I’ve had to travel a lot so I think the idea of another night when I’m going to be out,” she explained.