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Jamal Gives Insult-Laced ‘Apology’ To Zuraida

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PETALING JAYA: Red Shirts leader Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos issued an insult-laced “apology” to PKR’s Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin after she gave him an ultimatum.

The reply was delivered in idiomatic form.

“Thank you to YB Zuraida for reminding me (about the apology). I hereby announce that I apologise to YB Zuraida because I was forced to ‘menyelak kain’ (uncover her)’ to expose the scabs and mange that may be on her feet, so that it does not infect the residents of Ampang or the Selangor people. So, I have apologised,” he said at a press conference in Ampang on Tuesday.

Jamal’s words to “menyelak kain (to uncover the cloth or skirt)” is an allegory for revealing a secret.

In Parliament on Monday, Zuraida gave Jamal 48 hours to make a public retraction or apology over Jamal’s accusation that she had asked one of the Bersih supporters under her to punch him.

She had also demanded that Jamal provide a written undertaking not to publish any further defamatory statements and pay for damages and injury over Sunday’s scuffle that took place between the Red Shirts and police in the Ampang Point shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur.

During the tussle, Jamal was punched in the face and was left with a bloody nose.

Although he was heard shouting “polis pukul saya (the police hit me)” in the video, Jamal later claimed that one of Zuraida’s men had instead thrown the punch.

However, according to video recordings, no Bersih supporter was seen in the vicinity at the time.

Slow-motion viewing of the footage showed that the punch was delivered accidentally as the Red Shirts were shoving through the police barricade stopping them from leaving the mall and going after the Bersih group.

The Red Shirts leader and his supporters had spent most of the day pursuing Zuraida and her Bersih supporters throughout her constituency, mocking them as an LGBT group.

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