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Jakarta Mulls Legalising Prostitution

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JAKARTA: Controlling prostitution activities by allowing it – this is the proposal which was made by the Jakarta Special Capital Region  provincial government.

Prostitution activities maybe permitted in several areas here in an effort to control illegal prostitutions in rented rooms and apartments.

The idea to legalise prostitution and create registered sex industry workers was raised by Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, or better known as Ahok, due to numerous untoward incidents taking place including criminal

In addition, allowing prostitutions in specific places was said to enable a check on activities to offer sex by underaged girls.

Local newspapers quoted Jakarta Special Capital Region Provincial Government’s secretary Saefullah as saying the proposal was being studied to legalise the use of parts of apartment buildings as areas for prostitution.

He said, the idea to legalise prostitution was only a plan to solicit the reactions of numerous quarters and the governor would take into account the views of all before implementing it.

Prostitution in Jakarta is said to be illegally conducted in rented rooms and also luxury apartments, and clients could get information on it online and in social media.

Recently, a 26-year-old woman, who was believed to be offering sex service via an internet social site, was found dead in her rented room and was believed to have been killed by her customer.

The authorities had also unearthed prostitution activities involving underaged girls via websites after raiding a luxury apartment and rescuing 10 teenagers, including one who was pregnant, being made prostitutes for the upper class.

However, Indonesia Ulama Council’s general head’s representative Ma’ruf Amin criticised Ahok’s idea and was quoted by the press as saying the proposal to legalise prostitution was a wrong move and deviated from Islamic teaching.

“Vice must be minimised, not legalised,” he said while urging all missionaries to mobilise awareness activities on the adverse effect of prostitution.–BERNAMA

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