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Jaafar Onn Denies Involvement In Azwan Ali’s ‘Black Magic’ Allegations

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Only in Malaysia where one could blame an illness on the supernatural.

When Azwan Ali stirred up controversy by revealing he fell ill from a hex that was sent to him from “an effeminate celebrity named ‘J'”, many speculated that the person in question was actor and TV personality, Jaafar Onn.


In a series of Twitter rants, Azwan blamed the mysterious ‘J’ character for casting evil spells on him and hinted that the person love taking bubble baths.Coincidently, Jaafar did posted a collage of photos of him enjoying a foamy wash in the tub some 12 months ago. See any connections? No shit, Sherlock!

Meanwhile, Jaafar, whose claim to fame was for his portrayal as Cikgu Jaafar in the popular ’90s tween sitcom Cili-Cili Padi, has remained under the radar for quite a while. But thanks to Azwan’s self-inflicted controversy, his name resurfaced once again.

Talking to MStar, Jaafar vehemently rejected the allegations that he was behind the so-called vex episode.

“I did not conjured any hocus-pocus to him (Azwan Ali). Who does he think he is? I have no reason to do such a thing to him, so the allegations are so out of line,” he said, swearing that he was not behind Azwan’s supernaturally-contracted disease.

However, Azwan has denied he even posted the said picture on his social media account, claiming that he was framed. Maintaining his innocence, Azwan later lodged a police report on the grounds of defamation.




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