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J Lo Admitted She Had A ‘New Direction’ When Became A Mother

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THE 46 years old singer Jennifer Lopez’s and actress admitted she had a “new direction” when she became a mother to eight-year-old Max and Emme whose father is her ex-husband Marc Anthony and the youngsters influenced her 2011 album ‘Love?’.

In an interview with Jess Cagle, she got emotional as she said of the record: “Here’s what had changed in my life. I had given birth. I had given birth and the kids honestly just gave me a new direction.

“Like I said, I started asking more questions of myself, of love, of what was right, of what was wrong, all because I wanted their life to be great too and I knew for their life to be great my life had to be great and I needed to fix some things and that is where all the music came from.”

The biggest single from the album was ‘On The Floor’ and the ‘American Idol’ judge knew as soon as RedOne played it for her that it was the track she had been looking for to be her “anthem”.

She said: “‘On The Floor’ the minute I heard it, even though it’s not a romantic notion or a deep song, it was a straight beatsy dance song but the minute I heard it, it became my anthem.

“I knew it immediately that that was the song. It had the mix of Latin and rapping in the verses, and it was everything I was wrapped up into one and it was also saying, ‘You’ve got to go hard. You’ve got to get on the floor. You’ve got to get yourself together. You have to do this right now.'”


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