Is this Angelina Jolie Look-A-Like The World’s Best?

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SHE has the same full lips and high cheekbones as Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and could be world’s best look-a-like.

Brunette beauty Chelsea Marr has become an internet sensation after a pal contacted website The Lad Bible which published a number of her sexy Instagram shots.

It’s understand she doesn’t even work as a look-a-like but we can imagine she gets mistaken for Angelina ALL the time judging by these pics.

She should definitely sign up to stand in for Angelina when she’s sick, we don’t think many people would notice the difference, apart from the fact she appears to be quite a few years younger than the 40-year-old star.

She already has more than 5,600 followers on Instagram and plenty of them have posted comments about the striking similarities between her and the gorgeous Ange.

One wrote underneath one of her pics: “You’re so beautiful you look exactly like Angelina jolie,” while another added: “Thats the perfect jolie doppelgänger.”

A third told her: “Angelina Jolie ain’t got nuthin on youuuuuu,” while another wrote: “Thats Crazy, you look like Angelina Jolie.”

Chelsea loves to post selfies and snaps with her friends but the best shots show her in stunning floor-length gowns and lingerie, showing she has experience in the modelling industry.

On follower wrote underneath a behind-the-scenes shot: “Are you modelling now..about time ..You were going to waste …my stunning .. amazing rare beauty.”

We’ve seen some questionable Angelina look-a-likes in our time but Chelsea is by far the best. Let’s hope she meets her own Brad Pitt. – Mirror