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Is 1MDB’s Lost Billions Only Allegations And Nothing More?

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PETALING JAYA: Observing that much of the impressions cast on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) stem from as yet unfounded allegations, Salleh Said Keruak has suggested that maybe the reason why the Cabinet did not react negatively to discussions concerning the company was because there was no wrongdoing to react to.

The Sabah State Speaker was referring to the billions that was supposedly lost, noting it was more an “impression” that had been given to the public which had yet to this point, been proven to be the truth.

Salleh made these observations after Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was quoted by the media today as saying he wished to refrain from making any statements regarding 1MDB because all the facts surrounding the case were not in yet.

Tengku Razaleigh also fingered the Cabinet, saying they needed to take collective responsibility for 1MDB’s debts regardless of whether they were aware or not of what was going on.

“The trouble is most people are reacting based on news that has been received in dribs and drabs, as what Ku Li (Tengku Razaleigh) said, and the picture is not complete yet and will not be complete until the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) completes its investigation and comes out with its report.”

He said he shared Tengku Razaleigh’s opinion that the Cabinet was “not a one-man show” and that together, they decide on most matters, especially those involving policy.

“To say that the Cabinet was in the dark regarding 1MDB is not true.

“But this is the impression being created. And to say that the Cabinet was powerless and could not do anything about 1MDB is also not true,” he said in his latest blog posting.

He said it was wrong to condemn 1MDB as guilty until proven innocent, something that went against any doctrine of law in a democracy, and asked instead, “Is the reason why the Cabinet did not react when 1MDB was discussed at the Cabinet meeting is because the problem is not as what many are saying?”

He said if at all so many billions had “disappeared into thin air” as alleged, the Cabinet would have been in an uproar.

“But then this did not happen mainly because RM42 billion did not disappear into thin air as the allegations goes by.”-by Salleh Said Keruak/Free Malaysia Today


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