Interest, Love For Animals Keeps Worker At Zoo Negara

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KUALA LUMPUR – For one worker at Zoo Negara, interest and love for animals make his daily task seems much lighter.

Abdul Khalid Putra, 26, said he had always loved animals and felt totally at ease in the routine he had been doing for five years, from 8am till 5pm.

“If we have passion for the job, we will certainly enjoy doing it and it makes it easier to care for the animals such as feeding them everyday and ensuring that they get treated by the veterinarian when they fall sick,” he told Bernama.

One of his routine tasks is to clean the cages, and while this is being done, the animals would be temporarily moved to other cages.

“We feed the animals twice a day – in the morning and evening, and engage them in activities to get them to move,” he said.

Abdul Khalid said one of his happiest moments at the zoo was being assigned to care for a baby hippotamus from the time of its delivery. The animal is now four years old.

“We have this bond now, where I can hug and play with him; I named him ‘Bobby’, and he responds readily when I call him during feeding time or treatment.”

Nevertheless, Abdul Khalid said, it was necessary for zoo workers to study an animal’s behaviour so that they would be able to tell when the latter was angry or happy.

“Eventually, the animals will also become familiar with the workers that handle them,” he said.

Abdul Khalid who also keeps a cat, said having worked with the animals at Zoo Negara for so long, he now simply regarded them as pets. – BERNAMA