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Insulting Country’s Top Leader Is Shameful

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JAKARTA – Insulting the country’s top leader is a shameful act and akin to running down your own country.

The Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia, Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim said the people should always adhere to the principles of the Rukunegara, which emphasised on courtesy and morality.

Commenting on the jailing of a teenager for insulting Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Zahrain said Malaysians too accept that such an act is not part of the cultures of the Eastern community.

“Even though Indonesia is labelled as a country of free speech, the law does not compromise with regard to insulting the country’s top leader. Islam does not teach us to insult leaders and to spread lies.

“The spread of lies by irresponsible parties through the social media can affect national security.”

Zahrain said more lies would be spread what with the general election looming,

“Leaders are the symbol of the country and are elected by the people. As such, insulting them is like insulting the people and the country.

“In a family, parents are the leaders. Are we being taught to insult our parents? In a country, the president or the prime minister is our leader. Please respect our leader,” he added.

On Tuesday, a court in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia, sentenced Muhammad Farhan Balatif,18, to 18 months’ jail after he was found guilty of insulting President Jokowi through Facebook. – BERNAMA

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