Indonesians Urged To Stop Making Provocations Against Malaysians

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MAKASSAR – University students here have called on the Indonesian people to cease making provocations which are aimed at insulting Malaysians as such actions can only embarrass the republic.

An English language student at Muhammadiyah University in Makassar, Ahmad Afandi Rasyid, who did his practical training in Johor Baharu last year, said he regretted the actions of some Indonesians for making various provocations at the Malaysian people.

“I used to stay in Malaysia and know how the Malaysian people felt. We should think of how to further strengthen relations and not find reason to insult any race,” he told Bernama, Monday.

Ahmad Afandi, who is Makassar branch Indonesian Red Crescent Society (PBSMI) liaison officer, said Malaysians studying in Makassar often carried out activities which benefited the Indonesian people.

He was met at a health check programme, including free circumcision, carried out by 30 Malaysian students with the cooperation of the Indonesian Red Crescent Society at State University of Makassar. It was opened by Makassar Mayor Kamaruddin Munde.

The Malaysian students are MARA-sponsored final year medical students at the Hasanuddin University.

PBSMI Makassar branch chairman Sulfiadi Barmawi praised Malaysian medical students studying in Makassar, saying that they were the most active in ensuring the success of the ‘Desa Sihat’ programme.

He said the programme was well-received by local residents as it provided them with free medicines.

“It is easy to work with Malaysian students because they understand the culture of the Indonesian people,” he added.

Meanwhile, MARA director in Indonesia, Zulaina Haslinda Anhar Zubir said the programme was sponsored by MARA to provide training for its medical students, while engaged in charity work for the local community.

The programme can help to further enhance relations between Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as an opportunity for the Indonesians to get to know the Malaysian people better, she added.

Chairman of the organising committee, Jefrizal Mat Zain, who is a final year medical student at Hasanuddin University, said there were 500 Malaysians studying medicine at the university.

The 30 final year students involved in the programme will complete their studies either in June or August, he added.