Indonesian Scientists To Start Producing Male Birth Control Pill

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Imagine a future where sexual intercourse is done for fun and not for one of its main purposes, that is to make babies.

Well, the future is now, and Indonesia may be leading the pack in producing the world’s very first male birth control.

The pill took researchers nearly thirty years of hard labour and a lot of trial and error, but the oral contraceptives are on the brink of completion.

If perfected, the pill will allow men – temporarily and without any apparent side effects – to produce sperm that cannot get women pregnant.

The capsule is derived from the Justicia gendarussa, which is pervasive in India but also Indonesia’s Papua province, where it has been long been used by male members of a small remote tribe to prevent pregnancy.

Justicia gendarussa plant in action!

Upon learning about that practice, a research scientist at Surabaya’s Airlangga University, Professor Bambang Prajogo Eko Wardojo, brought the plant to his lab in 1985. He and his colleagues have spent years confirming its effect, isolating its active ingredient and synthesizing it chemically into capsule form.

Human trials of the gendarussa pill have been highly successful, with results showing it effective at a rate comparable to female birth control pills. Testing has also shown that male fertility rates return to normal just 3 days after the subjects stopped taking the pills.

The Indonesian government has pumped in a good sum of money to fund the project, specifically through the country’s National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN).

Prof. Bambang says the plant’s active ingredient disrupts three key enzymes in sperm, making them unable to penetrate the eggs during the fertilization process.

“The chemical will not affect the quality or the quantity of sperm produced because it only targets the enzymes,” he told the Jakarta Post.

No word whether the miracle will be mass produced and shipped globally, though success rate of the pill was 99.96 %.MYNEWSHUB