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‘In’ This Season: The #grannystyle Grey Hair Trend

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While one of our most cringe-worthy memories of our parents were witnessing them tossing and turning their heads in agony in attempt to do a DIY root or grey hair touch up, the silver hair trend is now all the rage this coming Spring.

That’s right; grey hair isn’t exclusive to geriatrics anymore.

Thanks to the #grannystyle hair trend, going grey has never looked so chic. And it goes well with lots of hairstyles,too: from a sleek ponytail to a sophisticated French bun, or just let the ends loose on your shoulders like waves of blue steel.

If you’re feeling adventurous,step it up a notch by adding a punch of contrasting-coloured (lilac and blue are two top picks) hair dye or chalk, if you’re looking for a temporary and low-maintenance ‘do.

The trend also won celebrity admiration as Kelly Osbourne and Kate Moss both had sported silver locks and since then everyone from Rihanna to Nicole Richie have been experimenting with the look.







But is the trend suitable for everyone?

Sibi Bolan, creative colour director at top hairdressers Hershesons advises thinking carefully before you try the trend at home.

“Find out what your options are and remember using your skin tone to find the right colour is key.

“For the grey hair trend, option one is to slowly reduce the amount of colour and gracefully allow the grey to appear (if you are going grey naturally) and option two is to add lighter ash highlights to enhance and complement the grey tones.

To maintain the gorgeous grey tones, Sibi advises to use a silver shampoo to help brighten and remove yellow unflattering tones that grey hair has a tendency to do, as often grey hair is more dry therefore absorbs things like pollution cigarette smoke dulling down the silver fox making it look like tarnished brass.-MYNEWSHUB.CC



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