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Impressionable Teens Need Family, Community Support

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BANGI – Teenagers at risk of being influenced by negative elements need family and community support to realise their full potential and become productive citizens, said the Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

She said the adolescence process was a challenging and complex one and that there was no easy way to ensure their development will produce the desired results.

“We can see the scenario happening today whereby many teenagers are leading unhealthy lifestyles, there are among them who like to be “Mat Rempit” (daredevil motorcycle racers), take drugs, become gangsters and nuisance to society…they appear to be without direction and straying from the right path.

“Parents and society at large, our children need role models and guidance, epecially parents who play a vital role in moulding children from young to have strong and resilient character,” she said.

Rosmah said this when closing the series five to eight of the Kem PERKASA Remaja 2014 (a teambuilding camp for teenagers) which involved 30 participants at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia here today.

Rosmah, who is also the patron of Kem PERKASA Remaja, said she was inspired to initiate the camp programme because she found the activities of “Mat Rempit” to be a nuisance to society.

“My husband and I sometimes can’t sleep because of the loud sound emitted by the motorcycles of “Mat Rempit” which can last up to 2am or more. So I thought these “Mat Rempit’ needed guidance.

“After discussion with the police I learnt there were some 30,000 ‘Mat Rempit’ throughout the countrty and we roped in their cooperation in this programme,” she said.

Since the programme started in 2010, more than 200 participants have joined Kem PERKASA Remaja and some of them have gone on to secure gainful employment, like becoming chefs, facilitators at the Outward Bound School or started small businesses.

One of the participants, Mahyu Zulkafli 17, said the progamme helped to instill in him a new spirit to be a prodigal son although he had only joined to please a friend.

“Before I used to “lepak” (loiter around) at night, now I am a changed person and listen to my mother and father,” he said. – BERNAMA

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