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I Wear Hijab For The Love Of My Parents, Says Hanis Zalikha

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It is no secret that Hanis Zalikha and Hairul Azreen are planning a huge wedding after he proposed to her on live television during the Gegar Vaganza final concert late last year.

The actress recently revealed her new look of donning the hijab, which was inspired by her parents’ wishes for her to cover her modesty before getting hitched.

“My parents have been throwing hints at me to wear hijab for the longest time, but I took the safer route of practising to don the hijab in public during outing with my family and friends, and that makes me very happy,” she said in Oh!Bulan.


Initially, she admitted that she was apprehensive about revealing her new look to her family and friends, let alone the public.

After the revelation that was made by Hairul on his Instagram, she was thrilled to receive numerous support from her loved ones and colleagues.

Hairul posted a picture of the pretty Hanis in hijab, along with the caption: “Women give the world its embellishments, but the most beautiful accessory is the heart of a righteous woman.” Aww, we are swooned!

“I just hope my parents are pleased with my new image.

“I love you so much mama and daddy. It’s months away from the wedding but why am I so emotional?Allahhumma yassir walaa tua’sir  (Ya Allah, make it easy and do not make it difficult. Ya Allah make it end well),” Hanis told on her moving experience.

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