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I Just Want To Run Away – Kylie Jenner

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She’s been a reality star since the age of nine – when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first hit TV screens.

And now at age 19, she’s finally showing fans what it’s really like be Kylie Jenner – on her new show the Life Of Kylie.

In the series premiere, she revealed to her best friend Jordyn Woods her frustrations with fame:’I just want to run away.’

During the Sunday debut, the beauty mogul spoke to a therapist about her struggles with being in the public eye.

The teenager entrepreneur, who turns 20 in a few days, sat down for her first ever therapy session: ‘When you grow up on camera, people feel like they know you,’ she said.

‘I for sure didn’t choose this life – but I’m not going to say I’m not keeping up this lifestyle,’ acknowledging that her social media activities makes her even more famous.

‘I don’t like all the attention because it reminds me I’m Kylie f****n Jenner,’ the teen said.

The brunette said she wanted try therapy out ‘to just figure out where I want to go in life.’

She also checked an item on her bucket list, which was to experience prom.

Kylie and her best friend Jordyn Woods took a high school student named Albert to his prom in Sacramento.

The duo decided to surprise the high schooler; they first spoke about him to his mom, who revealed that her son has abandonment issues after his father left when he was six.

His mom also said that some kids at his school poked fun at the fact he didn’t have a date for prom by putting up a sign.

It said: ‘Albert needs a date to prom;’ his mom said the poster hurt his feelings.

Kylie surprised the teen and revealed that both her and friend Jordyn were his prom dates – much to the glee of Albert and his classmates.

She said she hoped to change people’s perspective of him and ‘change his life a little. It was so cool. I’m so glad we made it here.’
The star noted that she has a soft spot for outcasts, adding that ‘I still feel like an outcast because I can’t relate to anyone.’
During public outings, Kylie is often completely surrounded by screaming fans- something which she is still not used to.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder explained on the show: ‘Kim always says this is what she’s made for and I respect that. But its hard to do normal things when every single person knows who you are.’

In another raw moment, Jordyn takes Kylie to a public outing to the beach – but at midnight in order to avoid being seen.

The emotional star told Jordyn: ‘This fame thing is going to come to an end. Ijust don’t know who I’m doing it for.’

Dressed in sweats and sneakers, Kylie talked about sister Kendall Jenner as well as friends Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid – people who she says ‘are made for this,’ referring to fame.

‘Sometimes I wish I could do that,’ the star revealed, adding that she only keeps up her appearance in public for her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics.

She noted that she wants to ‘grow as a person the way I want to grow.’

The duo make a pact to ‘just live.’

Kylie says that while she’s grateful about her ‘most extraordinary life,’ she treasures the ‘moments I feel normal – like a 19 year old girl. It’s the best.’

‘I don’t know what it’s like to live a normal life where people just don’t know who you are – to just get out of the car and not have everyone stare at you,’ Kylie said.

She said ‘for so long i feel like I’ve been putting this different persona,’ adding that she depended on social media to ‘keep up this idea of who I am.’

The star confessed: ‘I think I lost a lot of parts of myself.’

She recalls being 14 years old and being able to embrace her playful personality.

Kylie added that feels like she lost the funny side of herself and that now ‘I’m kind of putting up a version of myself.’

She also touched on comments people share about her online, who often criticize her appearance and career.

The teen acknowledged that she knows ‘a lot of people have it worse than me but sometimes its a lot to handle. Sometimes I’m like, this is it, I’m going crazy.’

The series also showed the funny Kylie, including the star coaching Jordyn during her blind date.

The duo have been friends since the summer after eighth grade.

While her friend went on a date, Kylie sat in her car with a walkie talkie – speaking to Jordyn through an ear piece.

Jordyn talks to her date about having only two friends -which Kylie does not like to hear.

She badgers Jordyn on who the other friend is over and over again, continuously interrupting her date.

The Life Of Kylie airs on Sundays at 9 pm on E! -Daily Mail


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