I Can’t Wait To Meet Mother – Aishah

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KOTA BHARU – “I am excited and cannot wait to meet my mother,” said Aishah Azizul Raheem, the eldest child of Shalwati Norshal who was sentenced to jail by the Solna District Court in Stockholm, Sweden for hitting her children.

Aishah, 14, said she was grateful and happy when told her mother would be released from prison tomorrow.

“What is even better is that we will get to celebrate Aidiladha with mother,” she told reporters at Kampung Wakaf Tok Wali, Melor, here, today.

She said she and her brothers, Ammar, 13, Adam, 12, and Ariff, 8, would make a special card to welcome their mother’s return and give her a bouquet of flowers when they meet her.

Shalwati’s father, Norshal Nordin, 70, said he was thankful that his daughter would be coming home soon.

“At least, my daughter will be back with the family and I hope she can have a better life after this,” he said.

The media today reported that Shalwati would be freed tomorrow after undergoing a prison sentence in Sweden and was expected to return to Malaysia this Wednesday.

On March 29, Azizul Raheem, a Tourism Malaysia officer and his wife,   Shalwati, were sentenced to imprisonment for hitting their four children from September, 2010.

Azizul Raheem, was released on July 9 after a three-month jail sentence in  Sweden.

Shalwati, a teacher on unpaid leave, was sentenced to 14 months’ jail.

However, the sentences were reduced and both only needed to serve one-third of their jail term. – BERNAMA