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I Am Only Useful When The Going Gets Tough, Laments Rafizi

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KUALA LUMPUR – PKR vice president Rafizi Ramli has asked for any complaints with regard to corruption be directed to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the police.

“We have changed government, they should now be free to investigate anyone. No need for whistleblowers to be jailed for revealing corruption. Enough of sending information to me,” Rafizi said on his Twitter, in which he included a smiling emoticon in the tweet.

It is believed Rafizi is referring to his own predicament in which he was handed a 30-month jail sentence for breaching the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (Bafia).

“If there are any suggestions for improvement, it is better to wait for the respective ministers to take over.

“If you send it to me, I will just forward it (to them).

“I’m not being petty but the job of Public Complaints Bureau should be directed to concerned parties,” he wrote on his account @rafiziramli.

His remarks garnered several responses from netizens, with one @MohamedNoriha asking if there was a possibility Rafizi would redefine his individual role as well as that of Invoke Malaysia, the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Rafizi is in charge of.

In his reply, Rafizi noted he was ‘working on it’.

“Once we get everything in place, you can start seeing it. Invoke and I will focus on empowering the masses. As a politician, I will focus on winning Terengganu for Pakatan Harapan (PH) in the next General Election (GE). I will not take up role in government for the time being,” he said.

To a tweet from @zainisaari that said Rafizi would be the perfect candidate for a Public Complaints Bureau as he can keep check on PH government deliveries, Rafizi said he politely declined.

“It was difficult to do what I did when we were in Opposition, but it was a necessity then. Now PH is in government, there are plenty of people who can and want to become ministers. So there are many others for the task.”

In a response to @imfsea_aruna who asked Rafizi to keep fighting for rights and justice, Rafizi expressed his gratitude.

“Dear Rafizi, I am one of your admirer. To put it simply you are the people’s hero. Your sacrifices and contributions to destroy the corrupted BN regime will be always remembered. Keep fighting for rights and justice. We love you,” said @imfsea_aruna.

“Thanks and we will keep our exchanges on Twitter.

“We should let the new government prove its commitment to reform.

“I am only useful when the going gets tough,” Rafizi said, asking for him to be allowed some time to himself while giving the new government time to sort things out. – NST


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