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Husam In Care For Bell’s Palsy, Undergoing Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment

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PETALING JAYA: PAS politician Datuk Husam Musa who is vying for the party’s vice-president post has been undergoing treatment for Bell’s palsy the past month.

The Salor assemblyman from Kelantan has opted for traditional acupuncture treatment and is currently warded at a private clinic in Puchong which is known for traditional Chinese medical treatment.

Kota Baru PAS chief Datuk Wan Rahim Wan, who visited Husam a few weeks ago, said he is slowly recovering and is able to talk and walk about

“The doctor stressed that he needs to rest and get as much sleep as possible,” said Wan Rahim.

Husam has been unable to move around since the PAS election campaign began but Wan Rahim said Husam should be well enough to attend the PAS muktamar in Kuala Selangor from June 4-6.

Bell palsy is the paralysis of the nerve that controls the facial muscles on the side of the face. It results in weakness or paralysis in one side of the face and may cause that part of the face to droop around the eye and mouth.

Wan Rahim said that Husam has been treated at the acupuncture clinic for almost a month.

Husam is defending his vice-president post in the PAS election next week.

He was also nominated for the posts of president and deputy president but has declined the nominations. Six candidates are contesting the three vice-presidents post. The others are Idris Ahmad, Sallehuddin Ayub, Datuk Mohamad Amar Nik Abdullah, Datuk Iskandar Samad and Datuk Mahfuz Omar.

Bell’s palsy is believed to be most likely caused by some type of viral infection or autoimmune system response. In Bell’s palsy, the facial nerve swells and the resulting inflammation disrupts the nervous system.

According to Wan Rahim, Husam fell ill after he decided to clean up the library in his house which was flooded during the Kelantan flood last December.

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