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How To Wear Pastel Eyeliner

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There’s no denying that spring has made its presence known, bringing with it a colour palette of pastel hues. We couldn’t be happier about this new wave of cotton candy colours, as it means a nice, refreshing change to our beauty arsenal.

We’re all about rocking the pinks, oranges and lavenders on our lips and nails, but what about our eyes? How does this pastel translate to our peepers?

An easy way to work these spring-y shades into your eye makeup routine is through the magic of eyeliner. Check out these tips on how to wear pastel liner like a boss.

1. Prime
This is the stuff of Eye Makeup 101. If you want your eyeliner to stay put and stay vibrant, you must prime, prime, prime! Make sure to spread your primer on your entire lid and allow it to dry before reaching for the liner. Try an illuminating primer to give your eyes a natural gleam.

2. Find a Shade That Works for Your Skin Tone
While we would never discourage you from getting brave with colour, we do want to ensure you get the most flattering look by going for a colour that will complement your skin tone. For fair skin, try a pretty pink or light blue. For medium to olive skin tones, try teal, orange or green. For darker skin tones try a lavender or fuschia liner.

3. Apply a Base Liner
To make sure you get the most out of your colour, try applying a white or invisible liner as a base. This will give your eye a clean, stark finish and allow the colour of your choice to truly pop.

4. Wing It, Smudge It or Add Some Sparkle
Once you’ve got your eyes primed and your color picked, go crazy! Pastel liner is meant to be fun, so try to think outside the box a bit. Go for a winged look or line the entire eye for an intense, colorful look. You can also smudge the line a bit to give your eyes a smoky, blurred effect. If you’re really feeling wild, top off your colour with a glittery liner.


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