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How To Vintage Shop Like A (Seasoned) Pro

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When it comes down to actually wearing your vintage finds, it’s all about finding a balance, or you risk looking like a character from a ’70s sitcom.
If you’re new to vintage shopping (or just find yourself constantly struggling to come up with something good), we’ve rounded up a few helpful tips to guide you to what can be your new-found obsession.

Vintage vs. thrift
There’s often confusion between vintage and thrift — and they’re not interchangeable. Vintage items are typically better quality and have remained relevant through the years. They have a classic appeal, even if they feature vintage details characteristic of past eras.

Stick with the last four decades
You don’t want to look like Halloween came early. See that great poodle skirt on the rack? Leave it right there. When vintage shopping, it’s best to stick to the last few decades, as more contemporary, classic styles will still blend well with your current wardrobe.


Do your homework
Just because the piece is pre-owned doesn’t mean it’ll come cheap. Vintage pieces, especially designer items, can be just as expensive as an item right out of the Gucci store. You don’t want to overpay for that really adorable Chanel vintage lambskin, so do your due diligence and research the value of goods before putting down the plastic.

Go for the classics
Unless you have a strong personal style, look for classic vintage pieces. A tweed skirt or a little black dress are items you won’t wake up to one morning wondering what you were thinking when you bought it. Avoid trendy items covered in sequins or bold ’70s patterns you might regret in a month. However, there are exceptions — just choose wisely.

One vintage item per outfit
Unless you’re wearing a twin set of some sort, the general rule of thumb is to allow one vintage item per ensemble. Let it be the statement piece. Again, there are exceptions to every rule.

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Keep your hair and make-up current
A beehive is quaint, but not if you’re pairing it with a 1960s vintage mod skirt. You’re not auditioning for a part in a period drama, so tone it down and keep your hair and make-up current to balance out your look.

Accessorize with contemporary pieces
Another way to ensure you don’t look costume-y is by way of contemporary accessories. Wear your 1950s dress with a great pair of on-trend shoes, a current jacket or handbag and you’re done.MYNEWSHUB/Yahoo! Shine


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