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How To Tell If Your Partner Is A Gold Digger

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We all need that someone who loves us for who we are and not what we have. But less than savoury intentions can sometimes be concealed when the gold-digger in question is attempting to get a rock on her finger. If you find yourself questioning your girlfriend’s romantic intentions, perhaps it’s time to put her habits and tendencies under a little scrutiny. Here are some things to look out for that can help you with your risk assessment:

1. She is used to drawing a large allowance

Even if your partner comes from a family that’s relatively well-off, she may still be looking to line her pockets through dating you. Those acclimatized to living in the lap of luxury may expect you to furnish or supplement their extravagant lifestyle. If your partner is used to relying on others for her keep, chances are, she’s not a keeper.

2. She offers to pay the bill but becomes sullen when you allow her to

This is a major red flag! Gold-digging girlfriends, while needing to hide their own dubious intentions by offering to pay for some of your dates, will still expect you to pick up the tab. If she starts pouting and making passive-aggressive remarks upon your acceptance of her offer to pay, she’s not being honest about what she expects from both you and the relationship.

3. She buys you designer goods

Of course, this may just mean she’s an extremely doting girlfriend who wants you to have nice things. However, it may also mean that she wants to set the precedent for all subsequent gifts exchanged in the relationship; she now expects expensive (material) things in return.

4. She often mentions in passing just how much she would love to have a specific expensive item

Again, if it’s not a test, it’s manipulation. She’s hoping you’ll recognise how she seems to prefer exorbitant gifts in order to influence your purchases for birthdays, anniversaries and the like. She may also say these things in order to elicit some sort of response that will give a clear indication of whether you are (still) worth dating.

5. She frequently mentions ex-boyfriends and how they would splurge on her

Such behaviour most definitely implies that she’s trying to provoke the competitive side of your nature. She expects you to win her over by buying her more luxury goods than she has ever received in previous relationships. This one is NOT rocket science.

Ultimately, there’s really no hard-and-fast rule for telling whether your girlfriend is dating you because she needs someone to re-affirm, through repeated financial commitments, her belief that she was a princess in her past life. Perhaps she really does love you (and expensive things). Yet should you harbour suspicions about your girlfriend’s gold-digging inclinations, which is presumably why you’re reading this in the first place, it means that your relationship lacks trust. Resolve the issue or end the relationship before it sours. You might just narrowly avoid a broken heart. Or a broken bank account.

Note from editor: as one of our readers rightly pointed out, men can be gold-diggers too! Short of changing all the pronouns in the article above, we’d like to acknowledge this and caution women who are dating guys exhibiting similar symptoms. He might be in it for the wrong reasons too!- AsiaOne


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