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How To Rock Coloured Eye Shadow Without Looking Like Cruella De Vil

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Women hear ‘coloured shadow’ and immediately think of scary, chalky blue. But soft, sheer hues are gorgeous on and really enhance your eye colour.Dubious? Don’t be!

Here’s a quick guide to eye shadow colours that compliment your eye colour:


Start with a creamy concealer

Tap a little on your lids up to the crease—this will help your shadow go on evenly and last. Then pick your shade: One that’s sheer and slightly shimmery in lavender, peach, or pale green looks fantastic on all skin tones.

Sweep on shadow

Dip a fluffy eye shadow brush in your shade, then swoosh the brush back and forth across your lid like a windshield wiper, which gradually builds and blends the colour so it’s nice and understated.

Line your lids

To add definition, choose an eyeliner pencil or shadow in the same color family as your shadow, only darker. Work it into your top lash line and sketch it back and forth so the color gets right in there. Trace over the line with a Q-tip to soften.

Put on black mascara

Big, spidery lashes with colored shadow can be overkill. So for a clean, fanned-out look, press the mascara brush into the base of your lash line, then wiggle it as you pull it up and through to the tips.

Balance things out

Accentuate bare lips with a nude,matte lipstick and swipe a soft pink blusher across the apples of your cheeks.MYNEWSHUB Text: SARA KHALID


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