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How To Grow Out Your Eyebrows Properly

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Put down the Tweezers. We all know the cause of your current brow dilemma — it’s those tweezers and the horrifying mag lamp. When combined, these two tools can really do a number on your eyebrows (or lack thereof). You pluck and pluck and pluck some more only to turn the lamp off and realize your brows are barely there! Now what? Other than stepping away from the tweezers…

1. Have some patience. Unfortunately, they won’t grow back by the time you wake up, but they will grow back if you wait. And isn’t the idea of picture perfect eyebrows worth the wait? While it may only take about six weeks for some, it could take months (and up to a year) for them to grow back fully once they’ve been over-plucked.

2. Grow them in sections. The idea of bushy, straggling brow hairs may not sound so appealing, especially if you ever have to leave your house. If letting it all grow out isn’t your favorite option, neatly grow them out in small rows instead, only plucking stray hairs around the row you’re letting grow in. This will allow your brows to maintain shape and look groomed, while gradually getting thicker.

3. Speed up the process. No waxing, no plucking — we’ve got that covered. But, taking your vitamins and maintaining a healthy diet will speed things along. Another option is to pick up a brow enhancing serum to encourage rapid growth and the overall appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows.

4. Fill in the gaps. Growing them out doesn’t mean you have to deal with no shape and sparse areas. Use a taming and sculpting brush to contour and tint your brows during this phase.

5. Conceal the stray hairs. Giving in can be tough once you notice more and more stray hairs coming in. Just remember, those unsightly strands will one day turn into beautiful brows! Until then, use a layer of concealer to disguise the eyebrow stubble until you’re finally ready for reshaping!


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