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Hot Right Now: The Gel Manicure Trend

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There’s nothing worse than leaving the nail salon only to put a dent in your freshly-painted pointers the minute you dig through your handbag to check your phone. That was one of the reasons gel manicures became an instant beauty phenomenon: They’re quick, they’re practically bulletproof, and the shiny, glossy colour won’t budge for at least two weeks.

Doing an at-home gel manicure is just like doing a regular one—except you’re curing the colour onto your nails with an LED light.

That LED is an investment. You’ll need to buy a gel-mani starter kit. But stay with us here: It’s a onetime purchase, after which you can simply replenish the polishes.

Step 1: Prep your nails: Remove old polish, file tips, push back cuticles, and trim hanging skin with a nipper.

Step 2: On each nail, paint on a layer of the gel base coat that comes with the kit.

Step 3: Place four fingers of one hand (index to pinkie) under the lamp for about two minutes (times vary by lamp); repeat with the thumb for the same amount of time. (If you cram in all five digits of one hand, the LED may not reach each nail.

Step 4: Repeat with two layers of the gel colour and one of the clear gel topcoat that comes with the kit, curing nails for the time instructed between each coat of polish.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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