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Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask Recipes For Bright Skin

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Many people throw out orange peels once they’re done eating or juicing an orange. But did you know that orange peels are a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants? The orange peels even have a higher vitamin C content than the fleshy inside!

Let’s look at the beneficial nutrients in orange peels and the benefits they offer for skin:

Vitamin C: Protects skin from free radical damage. Keeps acne at bay and promotes a healthy skin glow.
Calcium: Helps in renewing worn-out cells and prevents DNA damage. Good for healing dry, flaky, and itchy skin.
Potassium: Hydrates dehydrated skin. Helps preserve moisture.
Magnesium: Prevents oxidative stress in skin cells, for youthful, glowing skin.


Making Your Own Orange Peel Powder

It’s not difficult to make your own orange peel powder—all you need are oranges, a blender, and one to five days (in order to give the orange peels time to dry).

Here’s a quick explanation on how to make sun-dried orange peel powder at home. For a more in-depth explanation, I explain the process in detail in this easy guide.

To make powdered orange peel, simply save up orange peels from the organic oranges you eat, remove the white fribrous parts on the inside of the peel, and wash them in warm distilled water.

Spread the orange peels in a tray and place them in an area that receives plenty of sunshine. Leave them there until they are thoroughly dried—this usually takes one to two days, but can take up to five in cold, cloudy weather. If you are leaving the orange peels outdoors, cover them with a thin cloth or net for protection against dirt and insects.

Now crush and powder your peels into a fine powder using a food processor or blender, without adding any water.

Store your sun-dried orange peel powder in an airtight jar.

How to Use Orange Peel in Face Masks

Now that you have your orange peel powder, here are three face mask recipes that will allow you to reap their benefits:

1. Be-Blemish-Free Orange Peel Face Mask


2 teaspoons orange peel powder
1 teaspoon organic honey
1 teaspoon yogurt

Mix all the above ingredients in a small bowl.
Apply a thick coat of the mixture onto your clean face. Let it sit for 15 minutes or until it dries out.
When the time is up, rinse your face gently until all of the mixture is completely gone. Pat dry with a towel.
If your face is dry after this mask, use a drop of coconut or olive oil as a natural moisturizer.

Good-Bye-Acne Orange Peel Powder Mask


2 teaspoons orange peel powder
1 teaspoon oatmeal
1 teaspoon baking soda

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl.
Gradually add water until a thick paste is formed.
Using clean fingertips, massage a thick coat of the mixture onto your face in a gentle circular motion. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
Rinse your face with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and look clean and moisturised. If your face is a little dry after the mask, especially in acne areas, simply use a drop of olive oil as a natural moisturizer.


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