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Holistic Approach In Developing Football Moulds Balanced Youth

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SERDANG – A holistic approach on and off the field in developing football is capable of forming the individual’s resilience and character to become a balanced human being, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

In his speech at the launching of the 1Malaysia Connecting Communities (1MCC) League 2017 at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) here today, he said it was one of the important aspects in developing the country or nation building.

The 1MCC mission in using football as a catalyst in developing the youths was in line with the objective of becoming a developed nation with a community possessing strong personality.

“Youths are given the opportunity to achieve the highest personal potentials and subsequently churning out balanced individuals,” said Najib in his speech text read by Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak.

Organised by 1MCC Sports Sdn Bhd (1MCC), this year’s edition will see 92 teams from the Klang Valley competing in three categories namely under 12 years, under 14 years and under 16 years.

Najib also urged the children and youths participating in the 1MCC League to realise the importance of achieving the highest personality potentials and using the platform to develop their resilience and continue to improve themselves.

He also praised the comprehensive approach adopted by 1MCC in educating the players to produce individuals with a high level of confidence.

“We need players who are not only skilled, strong and healthy physically, but players who are also gallant mentally and spiritually to face challenges in life — regardless whether they are playing on the football field, or when going through their daily routine,” he said.

Najib said it was his aspiration and hope to see that the quality of the country’s football was elevated to a much higher level, because at one stage in the past Malaysia was respected in football sports.

“If we wish to succeed in football or even in any other field, we must have undivided commitment and learn all the skills and knowledge on football or any other field,” he said.

Najib was also attracted by the 1MCC initiative in giving importance on social involvement inclusively and was very proud and excited when informed that Special Education children were also involved in the programme.

He said the children involved were given the opportunity to be involved in football sport while learning new skills.

He said the 1MCC also carried out community programmes together with the Orang Asli community and the Felda community in the interior and remote areas.

“I am also told that the 1MCC will endeavour to carry out programmes involving the refugees and homeless people,” he said.



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