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Hold Two Jobs To Tackle Cost Of Living Burden

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KUALA LUMPUR – Holding more than one job has become a trend among city folks to ease their financial burden, in fact there are some who run small businesses and have part-time jobs while off duty.

A driver Zainal Nordin, 55, said he has been doing two jobs since 15 years ago and admitted that it had somewhat helped them to lessen his burden in facing the rising cost of living.

The father of five said in doing two jobs, priority must be given to the full-time work and a person should have self-discipline to give focus as well as commitment.

Zainal, who runs a small construction business, said the income earned from the two jobs had enabled him to provide a better life for his family and bear the cost of his children’s education.

Nur Aina Ramlan, 27, an executive in a private company said she had been selling clothes and dadih (flavoured yoghurt) online in order to earn extra income.

“We cannot depend on a single income only, moreover I will be getting married this September,” she said adding that the monthly income of RM2,500 alone was not enough for her wedding preparations.

Nur Aina said she decided to do online business as it did not require much capital and could be carried out anywhere, even from home.

“I admit it is not easy to do two jobs a day as it can sometimes affect my work performance due to time constraints and I am not getting enough quality time with family and friends,” she said.

Meanwhile, Farrah Wahidah Saari, 26, who works at a consulting company, here said she started doing handicraft made of clay commercially after her graduation in 2014.

The engineer said however orders for her handmade handicraft were only opened on weekends.

Farrah said at first she was just making handicraft as a hobby but decided to make it as a source of additional income to lead a comfortable life.

“Working as an engineer requires me to work long hours and sometimes until late at night, and I am doing this business only on weekends to prevent from wasting time,” she said.

Mohd Izzuddin Hassan, 30, who works as a salesman as well as a food delivery boy said he needed to work hard to accumulate savings for his wedding expenses.

“I do not want to incur debts because eventually I am the one who will be burdened with many problems,” he said. – BERNAMA


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