Highlight BN’s Contributions In The Development Of Sabah

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KOTA KINABALU – UMNO treasurer Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak has urged all UMNO and Barisan Nasional (BN) members to courageously explain all contributions and successes of the government spearheaded by UMNO and BN all these while to develop Sabah and its people.

Salleh, who is also Communications and Multimedia Minister, said UMNO and BN’s contributions to develop Sabah which are now enjoyed by the people are too numerous but less known because of lack of explanations given to the people.

“Under the leadership of Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, it is clear we have advanced by leaps and bounds and this is the fact that we can explain to society including in Penampang. If we look at the growth in the Sabah’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it was RM58.1 billion in 2010, RM59.3 billion (2011), RM66.3 billion (2015) and RM70.4 billion (2016),” he said.

Salleh said this when opening Penampang UMNO Division’s delegates meeting here today. Also present was Penampang UMNO chief Datuk John Ambrose.

Salleh, who is also Sabah UMNO Liaison Committee deputy chairman, said the per capita income of the people was RM17,831 in 2010, RM18,932 (2011) and RM19,730 (2015).

In terms of poverty in Sabah, Salleh said the poverty level in Sabah in 2009 was 19.7 per cent, 8.1 per cent (2012), 4.0 per cent (2014) and 3.4 per cent (2016).

“These are legitimate figures. These are facts. We must explain this the people in Sabah, what more in the Penampang area. We must not be afraid to speak out because we are telling the truth. These are facts.

“The Bank Negara Governor himself said that under the leadership of Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman, the economy of Sabah grew. This is a Bank Negara report. The Auditor-General said the management of the finances of Sabah was very good for three consecutive years,” he said.

According to Salleh, all the facts on the achievements of the BN government must be explained to parry all the accusations of the opposition parties which were always twisting the facts as if the government did not do anything.

He said UMNO and BN members must also divulge all the weaknesses of the opposition parties including their failure to contribute to the people so that the people would understand and differentiate between the opposition and the ruling parties.

“What has the opposition done in Penampang? They only party-hop. Then in Parti Keadilan Rakyat now in Warisan party. What is their contribution to the people? It is BN that has contributed,” stressed Salleh.

Salleh also refuted the opposition’s view purportedly they championed the rights of Sabah via the slogan Sabah for Sabahans whilst the struggle had been conducted by leaders from Sabah in the BN government.

He said under the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ,the leaders and people of Sabah were given room to voice their demands and views and he (Najib) was prepared to listen and discuss these matters.

In fact, Salleh said at no time in history were three leaders from the Kadazandusun and Murut (KDM) community appointed as full ministers in the federal Cabinet except under the leadership of Najib and it was a recognition of KDM.

On the Penampang parliamentary seat in the coming general election, Salleh was confident BN could wrest back the seat if the BN component parties worked as a team.