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Haze Does Not Deter Tourists From Enjoying Melaka

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MELAKA – The haze, which has been shrouding the country since weeks ago, does not deter tourists with their plans to enjoy the historic state of Melaka.

Rachael Norbury, 24, from the United Kingdom, said she does feel uncomfortable with the haze, but it was not new to her because such a condition is also experienced in her own country at certain times.

“I do feel the haze and taking it easy, but its not a big deal actually, maybe we just can’t really see the beautiful sceneries here from a certain distance.

“To keep me healthy and safe, I bring a big bottle of water to keep me hydrated all the time,” she said when met by Bernama during her visit to the historical sites at Bandar Hilir here.

She said the haze would not prevent her from coming back to Malaysia again in the future.

According to the Department of Environment (DOE) website, Melaka City was the latest location to record unhealthy Air Pollutant Index (API) reading at 113 as at 10 pm Saturday night.

Selki Lee, 26, from South Korea, said the haze did not effect her plans and she intended to continue with her tour of Melaka and visit as many places of interests as possible.

“For me the haze is just like a cloudy weather and I still feel the hot weather here,but it’s just fine. I’m enjoying my holidays in Melaka,” she added.

She said wearing mask and having bottled water at all times were a must for her and the current haze would not stop her from coming back to Malaysia for another visit.

Lydia Lee, 30, from China, is handling the hazy environment by sparing up some soar throat medicines and by wearing mask.

“This enables me to travel freely and enjoy my travel in Melaka. The haze has not affected my travel plans,” she added.

Rose Betrand, 34, from France, said the haze had not prevented her from visiting the beautiful places in Melaka and enjoying her holiday here.

“It is important to drink a lot of water,” she said.

As for Nixon Sebastian, 45, a rickshaw peddler in Bandar Hilir, said he was able to earn more during the haze as the cloudy-like weather was good to enjoy the rickshaw ride.

However, he said, he would advise anyone taking a ride on his rickshaw to wear mask. – BERNAMA


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