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Having Trouble With Trust Issues When Buying Online?

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Great businesses are built on trust and a loyal customer. However, trust is not easy to gain especially in eCommerce, when customers and online businesses cannot engage in face-to-face deal.

Customers cannot evaluate the goods they are intend to purchase. They forced to purchase products and services without being able to judge the reliability, quality, legitimacy, and transaction security.

However, is here to bridge the trust gap by providing for both parties, they are leading organization that give customers a chance to speak up, and online businesses the opportunity to connect with clients.

TrustedCompany Team
TrustedCompany Team’s main goal is simple, to engender trust between customers and the growing eCommerce players that develops mutual relation between them.

They collecting reviews, enabling clients to benefit from their customers’ feedback.

Their aim to foster positive, meaningful and most importantly, transparent connections between consumers and online businesses. It allows you to:

Invite Past Customers
Alert past customers to write glowing online reviews regarding your business.

Automated Customer Feedback
Determine when you want to notify customers to write reviews after purchasing or using your service.

Monitor your Online Reputation
We help you to manage your online reputation by allowing you to keep track of the reviewsof your company,
and giving you a platform to publicly respond to these reviews online.

Establish trust instantly
The widget can be easily integrated into your website, and increase conversion rates of up to 25% during checkout.

For more info about the best of eCommerce businesses, kindly visit (


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