‘Haters, Come Forward If You Dare’ – Ahmad Idham

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KUALA LUMPUR – Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri’s latest endeavour Pencuri Hati Mr Cinderella was a huge flop, raking in only RM18,865 at the box office (according to Finas).

And since netizens never stopped barraging him with insults, the filmmaker has proposed that they voice their complaints in person instead of hiding behind the anonymity that social media provides.

“It’s fun looking at the haters’ response. I think of inviting them to a gathering next week, where we can confront each other and exchange opinions,” he tweeted last Wednesday.

His suggestion to confront his haters was stemmed from his own tweet that he posted last Tuesday.

“When I read haters’ comments (on Pencuri Hati Mr Cinderella), I wonder how their parents must feel seeing their children grow up to be losers. I pity them.”

In response, @padlimann tweeted: “Your mother should be sad too to see a loser like you who blames the public for not watching your movie.”

@ryzaladnan said: “We only go for quality movies. We don’t care for rubbish stories. Abang Long Fadhil 2 (garnered) RM5m in five days. Think about it.”

Many others had also voiced out on Idham’s previous films had always been mediocre and “trashy”, and chided the director for also blaming the country’s economy for his poor ticket sales.

Idham followed up with a tweet where he invited haters to come forward, but apparently it didn’t receive as many replies.

“When I proposed a gathering, not many responded. Don’t tell me these haters only make noise, but are scared to show their faces. How do we settle this?” he tweeted on.

“I’m serious about meeting and exchanging opinions. Come! Don’t say I can’t accept criticism later. Let’s discuss this like gentlemen.”

Hours later, he posted: “You criticise my collection as if you forget that rezeki comes from God. If I’m destined to receive that much, I’m still thankful.

“Whatever it is, I’ll continue to work hard and provide job opportunities. I believe God has better plans for me. #positive”

The criticism on Pencuri Hati Mr Cinderella had surfaced even before the film was released on Aug 10. Netizens also took a potshot at the film’s poster which looked somewhat “old-fashioned”.

In response, the director said some youths today might not understand the huge phenomenon the 1998 TV3 drama series Cinderella had on its viewers (which the film is based on).

“The ‘old-school’ touch to the design of the poster was totally intentional,” he said in a recent news report.

The film which was only screened in cinemas for three weeks, starred Idham himself, Atikah Suhaime, Datuk Eizlan Yusof, Faye Kusyairi and Hairul Azreen. – NST