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Harumanis Mango Growers Need To Be Creative To Expand Downstream Industry

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KANGAR – Perlis Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azlan Man suggested that Harumanis mango growers come up with new ideas to expand the downstream industry to address the fall in price of the fruit.

He said farmers could no longer depend on the market which sold only fresh mangoes following the rise in production each year.

“Farmers should look for appropriate and creative alternatives to market harumanis mangoes so that the demand for the fruit continues to grow,” Azlan told reporters after the monthly gathering of the state’s civil servants, here, today.

He said in addition to harumanis mango juice and ice cream, perhaps farm operators could come up with new innovative ideas to please fans of the fruit.

“This proposal should be viewed positively because the production of harumanis mangoes increases each year. It is difficult to maintain the price as it depends on supply and demand, which means that if the mango production is high, its price will fall,” he said.

Azlan said the state government was willing to help in terms of financial assistance while certain government departments or agencies could provide guidance on management, besides supplying equipment and offering modern technology.
The menteri besar also reminded mango traders in the state to be responsible and not to fool buyers by selling ‘fake’ harumanis mangoes which could spoil the name of the iconic ‘Harumanis of Perlis’ that had been patented.

Harumanis mango production this year from 1,037 hectares of orchards is expected to rise to about 2,150 tonnes of fruits worth more than RM55 million compared to RM24 million last year, an increase of over 100 percent. – BERNAMA


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