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Harry Styles Taking Up Pilates As He Has One Leg Longer

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HARRY Styles is doing pilates to cure a wonky back caused by his lopsided posture. Yes, it seems his left leg was going in one ­direction, the right leg in another.

An osteopath told him one pin was shorter than the other and to try pilates to straighten things out.

So Haz , 22, has been going to classes for 18 months and it seems to be doing the trick. A source says: “It’s really had a huge impact on his stature and he stands much straighter.

“He seems to stand an inch taller now. He was amazed at the results. If he hadn’t done anything about it, the slouch could have got worse over time but the pilates classes really do seem to be helping.”

Harry was told to do at least a class a week, but with his busy 1D schedule has had to fit it in when he can.

But the sources says: “The past year and a half has seen him gradually make a vast improvement. Obviously pilates has other health benefits too.”

Harry signed up for classes at Exhale Pilates in London, where he works out alongside Tottenham Hotspur player Harry Kane, 22. Back in 2013, Harry revealed he had originally tried to cure his back troubles with yoga.

He said: “One of my legs is a tiny bit shorter than the other one. I had a bad back and I went to the osteopath and he said I should try ballet. I didn’t. I started doing yoga.”

But he later switched to pilates sessions and saw better results.

The exercise technique stretches out small muscle groups that help tone the body as a whole.

Looks like it’s got Harry back on the straight and narrow. – Daily Mirror


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