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Harry Styles Fans Make Fake Film Posters Ahead Of Acting Debut

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HARRY Styles fans have been making fake posters for his upcoming film Dunkirk.

The poster, which features an image of a war-torn beach, lists the singer among the actors appearing, including Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance.

A photo of one crumpled poster emerged on a One Direction fan account on Instagram on Monday afternoon and was shared with an Italian caption.

The account explains that fans have been making the unofficial posters, with Harry’s name included, and hanging them around Dunkirk.

Last week it was announced that Harry will have to go without his VIP lifestyle in preparation for the Christopher Nolan film, which is scheduled for release in 2017.

The 1D star is set to live at sea as he joins the rest of the cast and crew of Dunkirk on an old Navy ship, where there is no access to any electricity or running water.

He will say goodbye to his celebrity perks and be put through his paces as he steps away from the band to make it on his own in the movie industry.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Harry is used to living the life of luxury so this will be a very interesting experience.

“He knows this boot camp at sea is a big part of the job and is keen to get stuck in. But this will be tough and producers are trying to make life on board as realistic as possible.”

They will have to struggle on with only rations of food and no mobile phones or connections to the outside world.

Producers are hoping the experience will improve the cast’s understanding of the plight of the Allied forces on the beaches of Dunkirk, France, in June 1940.

Meanwhile, One Direction fans can relax in the knowledge the singer isn’t planning on giving up his music.

According to a source, the 22-year-old – who was recently spotted back in the company of Kendall Jenner – is keen to focus on both his music and acting in the future.

Of the film role, an insider previously said: “Harry has gone straight in at the top. Dunkirk will be massive. He was asked to audition for the part – which will be substantial – and impressed Christopher.

“This is now a great chance for him to show his acting skills and put himself in the frame for more huge movie roles. But music is still very much on his agenda and he would like to do both going forward.” – Daily Mirror


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