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Hanez Suraya’s Secret Wedding Date Leaked….By The Wedding Card Maker!

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Controversial actress Hanez Suraya needs to choose better friends and acquaintances, as her super-secret wedding date is now all over the social media!

After a surprise engagement to Romie Razin Adilha just weeks after the latter’s divorce was finalized, wedding rumours were swirling at warp speed that the pair will tie the knot sooner than everyone expected.

Alas, prior to a lot of heated tittle-tattle by kepochi gossip mongers, the date of the impending wedding was finally revealed; by the printers of their wedding card! posted a photo of the bride-to-be  at the company’s Facebook page, unintentionally announcing the wedding date. Whoops!

The post read: “Can’t wait for the “conception” of Hanez & Romie’s love! On late afternoon at the’s gallery, we got up close and personal with the strong and modest Hanes Suraya…In God’s will, the date of 14 March 2015 will be the witness of their love.”



The relationship of Hanez and Romie was befitting of a soap opera.

A father with two kids, Romie was still a married man when he initiated a romantic relationship with the 30-year-old actress.

Photos of their vacations in Bangkok was leaked and became a subject of hatred towards Hanez. In turn, her acting career stalled as producers thought her bad reputation would bring negative impact to audiences.

Romie’s ex-wife, Liyana Manan, emerged as the ‘betrayed woman’ in the love triangle and received majority support from the public.

Outraged by her tarnished image, Hanez retaliated by giving out statements attacking Liyana to save her now-soiled reputation.

Hanez and Romie then broke up to give way for him to settle with his divorce case.

After a year up and down the court, the Romie and Liyana finally divorced.Two weeks later, Romie and Hanez stepped out together to announce that they’re getting engaged.MYNEWSHUB.CC



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