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Hamilton Blows His Top After Yet Another Engine Failure

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KUALA LUMPUR – Mercedes AMG Petronas driver, Lewis Hamilton has raised doubts as
to whether there was a conspiracy in the team to give the championship title
to his team-mate Nico Rosberg after his car engine failed at lap 41 while leading
the race yesterday.

Hamilton’s Mercedes engine blew up in the most dramatic of circumstances to
hand the victory to Daniel Ricciardo and his team-mate Max Verstappen of Red
Bull Racing who were trailing him.

“I’ve just got to move on. I just can’t believe that there are eight
Mercedes cars and only my engines are the ones that have gone this way.
Something just doesn’t feel right.

“It was a brand new engine…it is what it is. It’s just odd, there’s been
like 43 engines for Mercedes and only mine have gone,” he said.

Hamilton said, there are so many Mercedes engines for drivers this season
and wondering why his engines were the only ones that keep failing this year.

“We are fighting for the championship and only my engines are failing. It
does not sit right with me. I will try and recollect myself and try to get
myself together for the race next week.

“Someone did not want me to win the title this year, but I won’t give up. I
will keep pushing,” he added.

Nico Rosberg finished third, despite collecting a 10-second time penalty
after colliding with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, to extend his gap over Hamilton
to 23 points in the overall standings.


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