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Hadi: Malaysia Must Be Governed According To Islam

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KOTA BARU: PAS insists that Malaysia must be governed according to Islam because the present system has failed, said its president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (pic).

“We intend to take a new approach to revive what was implemented by Islam 1,400 years ago,” he told reporters after opening of the 62nd PAS Muktamar in Pengkalan Chepa Thursday.

Although present systems such as democracy, socialism and capitalism have borrowed some elements from Islam, they do not take “faith, sin and blessings” into consideration.

“This is what happens when you separate Islam from politics.

“People will choose to do whatever they want because there is no concept of sin and blessings,” he said.

Abdul Hadi stressed that Islam is a way of life and not a religion, adding that it allows communities to live in harmony irrespective of race or belief.

He added that PAS also will adopt a culture that promotes the creation of a harmonious society.

“We may differ in view and approach but we should not cause any trouble,” he added.

He blamed “former Western colonial powers” for adopting a divide-and-rule approach, which he said has caused Islam to be “restricted”.

Abdul Hadi was responding to a question on whether PAS is still pursuing its goal of Malaysia becoming and Islamic state.

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