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Guide On The Exact Amount Of Skin Care Products To Use On Your Face

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With so many different steps in your skin-care routine, it can be seriously confusing to figure out just how much of each product you really need to use. Here, a top derm shares exactly how much face wash, serum, and more you need for the best results.

Face Wash
You love this refreshing first step—especially after a long day. But it’s best to stay on the conservative side, as using too much can leave your skin dry, tight, and uncomfortable. A new 50 sen-sized blob is your best bet. For most cream and gel cleansers, this is usually enough to cleanse the skin fully. A fan of the foam kind? One pump should get the job done.

It’s harder to decipher a set amount—mainly because of how it’s administered. Toner, which rids the skin of dirt and grime, is certainly not the type of product you can slowly squeeze out into your hand—after all, it’s usually the consistency of vinegar. Stick to just a few drops, and always apply it with a cotton round. You want the round to be wet but not completely saturated, which would mean less product is absorbed.

This product targets specific problems, such as wrinkles, dark spots, and large pores. Since serums are fairly concentrated, you’ll only need a few drops to treat the entire face and neck. Instead of applying directly to your face, place a few drops into the palm of your hand, and gently press the product into your skin. If your serum has a more solid consistency (like the one shown above), a pea-sized amount should be enough.

Daytime Moisturizer
You know how important it is to moisturize after cleansing, so it’s no surprise if you join the ranks of those who add a dollop too many before rubbing it all over their face. But even though your moisturizer may smell divine, a little goes a long way. For moisturizers with SPF (like the one pictured above), apply a quarter-sized amount to ensure you’re adequately protected against harmful UV rays. For non-SPF ones, you can use a nickel-sized dollop. If you use too much, it can feel greasy and heavy on the skin—and too little can leave your complexion feeling dry and dehydrated.

This is one product where you want to be extra careful not to skimp. You work far too hard on your magnificent mug to muddle through the next few days red, sore, and peeling all over. So how much is just right? For your face, a quarter-sized amount will likely do the trick. For your entire body, you’ll need a shot glass-worth of SPF.


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